Dance Choreography in Encino, CA

Hip Hop Techniques

Things move fast here. You will have a quick 20 minutes warm up, followed by a 40 minute dance session where you will memorize, rehearse, and get ready to perform. Dance Choreo gives you a chance to play like the pros with no experience necessary.


Dance Physique

This is a high energy cardio dance workout. Come laugh, dance and sweat with us! This is a high energy workout that will exhaust you physically and mentally in the best way possible.You will learn a fun routine in a supportive environment at a pace suitable for beginners!


Like our dance physique class, they may incorporate theraband exercises and cardio of sexy hip hop and salsa moves, put together in easy-to-follow dance combos that are guaranteed to make you burn those calories! Like our Danse Physique class, they may also incorporate Theraband exercises and cardio. Make sure to wear sneakers, bring water and get ready to sweat!  Ages 12+


Intro to pole, Pole’ography and Pole tricks

Whether you’re looking to create, enhance and perfect your pole moves with poleogprahy, or learn the secrets to flips, spins, and inversions with pole fitness, we got you covered. Get ready to condition your core and the upper body muscles you never knew you had.  we offer a variety of levels for our pole classes starting with intro to pole class and working your way up to advanced pole classes. Be sure to read specific class descriptions to figure out which level best suits where you are! See you in the air and on a pole! See you in the air and on a pole! Ages 18+


Beginner Heels class and Hip Hop and Heels

Dancing in heels is super sexy, and trains your body how to balance and correct posture without you realizing it. Learn how to saunter across the floor, whip your hair, dip it low, and do turns without falling! we offer multiple heels classes that suit both beginner and more intermediate/ advanced students. If you are newer to the style of dance, start off with beginner heels and work your way to intermediate Hip Hop & Heels. No matter what level, these classes will make you feel confident, sexy and ready to take on the dance floor! Ages 18+

Soulful Roll Aerial Yoga Flow

This class is a powerful 60 min practice, combining the healing arts of aerial hammock, foam rolling and yoga. Aerial Yoga uses a hammock as a prop to refine postures, assist in alignment, strengthen and lengthen your muscles, tone the overall body, deepen stretches, progress or modify postures, safely invert without compressing the spine, and renew your mat practice. Aerial  yoga is designed for practitioners of all levels, making yoga accessible to absolutely every BODY.  Ages 12+

Not only do we offer aerial yoga but we also have a traditional vinyasa yoga practice. This is a 60 minute flow class that combines a variety of postures together so that you move from one to another seamlessly, using breath. This practice promotes needed daily stretches to relax the body and mind and bring you to a peace state physically and mentally.

cirque crew

Adult Aerial Arts and Adult Bungee

Aerial Dance incorporates all our elevated classes such as Hammock, Two Point Wire Dance and Bungee. Learn to spin, whirl and tumble in the Air with our professional aerial instructors and gain balance, flexibility and core strength. Ages 16 and up.

Tween Aerial and Dance Arts

Our Friends Lyra, Hammock and Silk will teach your kids how to dance and swing in the air, because your curtains and couches need a break. They will also gain balance, flexibility and core strength. Don’t blame us though, if they run away and join the circus. Ages 10+

cirque tweens

Adult Ballet

Ballet Technique classes are the foundation for training and focus on developing a solid ballet technique with emphasis on understanding correct body placement, proper use of turn out, coordination of the upper body (epaulement), and use of arms (port de bras). Ages 18+

Latin Nights

Come join us for Latin Nights Wednesdays! Now featuring one hour of bachata instruction with celebrity instructor Russel and two hour of salsa dancing instructed by Dancing with The Star’s Paul Barris! This lively evening also delivers refreshments to follow. Grab a glass of vino and tour our beautiful new studio. Only $20 for bachata and salsa at the door, or $15 for just salsa instruction! Ages 12+

salsa night
jazz funk

Intro to Jazz Funk

This style of dance borrows a variety of movements from other dance styles. From ballet, modern-hip hop, and contemporary dances to lyrical, jazz funkincorporates little bits and pieces of other dance genres and wraps into a funky style that is both fun and expressive! It is a dance style of the body and mind.  Ages 18+