Dance Classes in Encino, CA

Pole & Aerial Classes

All Level Conditioning

For all levels, this class was designed to give you that deep stretch and conditioning after a long week of pole and dance classes. Make sure to wear sneakers, bring water and get ready to sweat! Ages 15+


Intro to pole, Pole’ography and Pole tricks

Whether you’re looking to create, enhance and perfect your pole moves with poleogprahy, or learn the secrets to flips, spins, and inversions with pole fitness, we got you covered. Get ready to condition your core and the upper body muscles you never knew you had.  we offer a variety of levels for our pole classes starting with intro to pole class and working your way up to advanced pole classes. Be sure to read specific class descriptions to figure out which level best suits where you are! See you in the air and on a pole! Ages 18+

All Level Lyra

Suspend, drop, swing, and spiral their bodies into and out of various positions. Aerial Lyra (hoop) builds strength, enhances flexibility, stimulates the mind. Wear leggings and bring some water! Ages 15 and up.

cirque crew

Ground Classes


Beginner and Intermediate Heels

In this class there will be a 10 minute warmup in tennis shoes or barefoot. Then we continue with another 10 minute across-the-floor exercises in heels, such as sexy walks, struts, turns, and walking combos. Afterwards we will learn a small choreographed routine that will be broken down and put all together in the last 20 mins of class. Ending with a short cool down the last 5 minutes. 
What to bring: 
1-3 inch strappy/ caged heels or booties for ankle support
knee pads, and a refillable water bottle. Ages 15+

Classic Jazz (TBA! Stay tuned!)

One of the most popular and well-known forms of dance, with influence from ballet and modern styles as well as vernacular social dances. Jazz dance includes strength, flexibility and conditioning technique, and progressions including turns, kicks, and leaps. Learn jazz dance choreography with emphasis on musicality, dynamic execution, and performance! Ages 15+


Contemporary (TBA! Stay tuned!)

Contemporary dance is an expressive dance style that combines elements of many dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. This class focuses on technique and storytelling through movement. Dancers will follow a guided warmup and learn dynamic across the floor sequences. Each class will culminate in combinations to challenge the dancers’ ability to retain choreography and sequence movement.  Ages 15+

Jazz Technique (TBA! Stay tuned!)

This all-level class breaks down the fundamentals of jazz technique, which originates from both African and Latin diasporic dances, and vernacular dances such as the Charleston and Lindy Hop. This class will consist of a warmup, progressions, and combinations focused on isolations, groundedness, and dynamic musicality.  Ages 18+


Hip Hop (TBA! Stay tuned!)

Hip-Hop dance as an element of the Hip-Hop culture has become a popular and innovative movement style across the world. Classes begin with a warm-up that focuses on isolations, cardio, and social dances. Students learn and build on combinations to popular music. In all levels, students explore their personal voice through freestyle (improvisation) and a wide range of codified styles, including breaking, popping, and locking. Ages 18+

Jazz Funk (TBA! Stay tuned!)

This style of dance borrows a variety of movements from many dance styles. Jazz funk incorporates aesthetics from dance genres like hip hop, jazz, and contemporary into a funky style that is both fun and expressive! Isolations, foundational grooves, and musicality will be at the core of this class. Each class involves learning a dance routine, set to popular music.  Ages 15+

jazz funk

Adult Ballet (TBA! Stay tuned!)

In Ballet Technique dancers will develop solid ballet technique with emphasis on  understanding correct body placement, proper use of turn out, coordination of the upper body (epaulement), and use of arms (port de bras). Ages 15+