Dance Choreography in Encino, CA

Dance Choreography

Things move fast here. You will have a quick 10 minute warm up, followed by a 40 minute dance session where you will memorize, rehearse, and get ready to perform. Dance Choreo gives you a chance to play like the pros with no experience necessary.

Girls in our dance choreography classes in Encino, CA

Cardio Hip Hop

Do you love Hip-Hop? Come laugh, dance and sweat with us! This is a high energy workout that will exhaust you physically and mentally in the best way possible.You will learn a fun routine in a supportive environment at a pace suitable for beginners!

Dance Fitness

These are high-energy, non-choreographed dance fitness classes comprised of sexy hip hop and salsa moves, put together in easy-to-follow dance combos that are guaranteed to make you burn those calories! Like our Danse Physique class, they may also incorporate Theraband exercises and cardio. Make sure to wear sneakers, bring water and get ready to sweat!  Ages 12+



Whether you’re looking to create, enhance and perfect your pole moves with poleogprahy, or learn the secrets to flips, spins, and inversions with pole fitness, we got you covered. Get ready to condition your core and the upper body muscles you never knew you had. See you in the air and on a pole! Ages 18+



Dancing in heels is super sexy, and trains your body how to balance and correct posture without you realizing it. Learn how to saunter across the floor, whip your hair, dip it low, and do turns without falling! This class will make you feel confident, sexy and ready to take on the world! Ages 18+

Aerial Yoga

Not only do we offer Vinyasa Yoga but we also practice it with a spin. AIReal Yoga class is credentialed through the Yoga Alliance and allows you to deepen your stretch, correct your alignment, and safely perform inversions IN THE AIR! AIReal Yoga is REAL Yoga in the Air. Come elevate your practice with our Intro to AIReal class, or SOulFULL Roll Power Flow.  Ages 12+

cirque crew

Aerial Dance

Aerial Dance incorporates all our elevated classes such as Hammock, Two Point Wire Dance and Bungee. Learn to spin, whirl and tumble in the Air with our professional aerial instructors and gain balance, flexibility and core strength. Made for kids and adults! 

Cirque Tweens

Our Friends Lyra, Hammock and Silk will teach your kids how to dance and swing in the air, because your curtains and couches need a break. They will also gain balance, flexibility and core strength. Don’t blame us though, if they run away and join the circus. Ages 10+

cirque tweens

Flying Over 50

This class nurtures your feminine essence while conditioning your core and toning your muscles. Slow, yoga-inspired 'flow' movement will return you to your goddess self with meditative movement, relaxing music and the sharing of divine feminine energy. Ages 18+

Bungee Beat

Step into our customized harnesses while being secured to a bungee cord. Bungee Beat is an not like anything you have experienced before. This class is designed around your secret childhood fantasy of leaping like Spiderman with thegrace of a ballerina, all to the beat of some high-energy music. Ages 12+

bungee fun

Bungee Fun

This new and revolutionary class is for Teens that want to have fun with their fun while working out.  We provide custom harnesses from Fusion, specialized helmets and then teach your kids how to fly through the air like their favorite super heroes.   Ages 18+

Feel The Stretch

If you’re bulking up at the gym, but you’d like to lengthen and lean out, it’s time to feel the stretch.  This class will teach you how to take your stretch to a whole new level of lift, bend, and split. We guarantee you will feel it the next day. Ages 12+



Floor “werk” focuses on sensual movements that target body & shoulder rolls, floor movement, and flow. We will also  learn advanced moves like shoulder stands, head stands, and we will tie all these movements into short dance combinations. Ages 18+